Monday, February 14, 2011

Yep, I've caught it...


Being that it's Valentine's Day I feel it only fitting that I use this time to introduce you to my new love.

You see our relationship started out as a joke. I'd scream, "I love you Justin Bieber!" (mostly because his name is so fun to say) and beg my children to buy his T-shirts or posters for me on all major holidays. They never did.

To be honest I didn't really even know who the boy was. I knew he was some little kid that little girls (and some older girls) went gah-gah over but I had never heard one of his songs.


Saturday night I took my youngest three chickens to see his new movie and-- I'm not too proud to admit that-- we HAD A GREAT TIME. And I'm also not too proud to admit that I kinda like that Justin kid.

His tunes are kinda catchy (in an innocent little kid kind of way) and perfect for sharing with my little ones. Being a mom is so fun and there is nothing better than seeing little faces light up when they think you love the same things they love. It's seriously one of the great joys of motherhood that no one tells you about.

So now Jamie and I have been struck with Bieber Fever. Yeah, we got it bad. And I'm having the time of my life sharing that with her.

Ain't love grand...

the movie also had some powerful messages in it about stick-to-itiveness and creating the life that you want. I may have even had a few epiphanies while watching it. But then I'm always having epiphanies so what do I know.

Marlee says, "So Mom do you say you love Wolverine just so you can see my face light up?"
Uh, no Marlee... No, yummy, heck no!


In honor of Valentine's Day, there's a picture of me with someone I love posted over on Busy Bee Lauren's Blog HERE
If you are a reader of my blog you will recognize the picture, if not--well you probably won't.
Anyhoo, go check it out and tell me if you find it and then tell me how glad you are that I sent you to BBL's blog because I'm telling you that girl makes me smile. She's just so cute.