Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lucky me...

To celebrate our 20 years together, Rick and I spent the weekend in the Valley of the Sun. Only it wasn't the valley of the sun it was the valley of the rain and wind and cold and I didn't like it (the weather that is) Rick however loved it. The man's nuts. I need sunshine. Sunshine I tell you, SUNSHINE.

But the rest of the trip was fabulous. We really are still crazy, crazy in love and what could be better for two crazy in love people than a weekend alone together? Nothing I tell you, NOTHING.

I would sum up the highlights, but I think it's good enough just to reiterate that we were ALONE together, which made everything we did-- AWESOME.

We did briefly meet with a good friend and former co-worker of ours and after catching up (I hadn't seen him in quite a long time) He told me that he was glad I was doing well and said, "Of course you will always be doing well because you're married to such a great guy."

I've since thought a lot about how true his words really are. I am married to a great guy and my life will always be rich because of it. I'm so proud of the man he is and proud that so many others love and respect him as much as I do (well almost as much as I do). He seriously knows someone (or many someones) EVERYWHERE WE GO. I tease him that he has a future in politics (which he hates) because he seriously knows EVERYBODY. I'm proud I tell you, PROUD.

But even better than all of that is that he loves me, I mean REALLY loves me.

It's bliss I tell you, BLISS.


Lene said...

Happy Anniversary!

It was a gloomy weekend to be here. Sorry we didn't have better weather for you.