Sunday, February 28, 2010

Carrying on just fine without you...

While visiting at a birthday get together tonight, I met someone who thought that maybe one of his siblings might have graduated from high school around the same time I did. “I’ll have to look that up in my yearbook sometime.” I told him.

That sometime came quicker than I thought it would when, while dressing for bed in my closet, I saw my yearbooks on a shelf and decided to go ahead and give them a looksie.

What I found was that:
1) the only person in my yearbook with the same last name as my new acquaintance was a guy that I used to exchange googly eyed glances with during world history (no relation), and
2) my subconscious mind doesn’t like to revisit high school (I learned about the power of the subconscious mind during the fabulous writer’s conference I attended this weekend. More about that later) my subconscious mind said, “I don’t think I care much for that there senior year of high school.” And left me with feelings of wanting to vomit.

No wonder my yearbooks never come down off of that shelf.

The wood stove is a poppin’ and a cracklin’ in the next room. How fun do you think it would be to watch those yearbooks burn? I’m thinking pretty dang fun indeed.



Shellie said...

Yeah, but don't do it or you won't be able to look up the next person you wonder who the heck they were in high school when they remember you and you don't remember them...I feel the same way, I think I've repressed 90% of it. Very easy to leave and never look back.

MaryRC said...

thats how i feel about my junior year in high school, i was such a stupid girl. but nonetheless i do wish i had that yearbook, minus all the stupid signatures and sayings..

The Cranes said...

Good to know that I am not the only one that would just as soon leave high school far, far behind! I wish I could have all these happy memories from high school like my mom does (same place as you--Mesa High--but not the same building as you--it was the old building before it burned down for her) but sadly, I don't. Don't care if I ever see almost all of those people ever again. But I am glad I still have my yearbooks. And Annette would tell you not to burn the yearbooks because she accidentally lost hers in a move and now she has to call me to check on people she runs across that think they have a high school connection.

Miss Risa's House said...

You know how i feel about high school! Don't burn them just leave them in a box or a high shelve. Lindsey found mine she had fun looking at them so you never know !It kept her occupied for awhile see there good for something!

4boyzmdmom said...

Yeah...what Amy said! I feel the same way about high school...don't miss it and don't want to go back...but I wish I had my yearbooks. And what Larisa said...I LOVED looking at my parents' yearbooks, absolutely LOVED it!!! They (my parents' books) are a fascinating piece of history from a kinder, gentler world that is, sadly, gone forever!

Jessica B said...

I agree. But maybe I also agree with the other girls about not actually burning them.... but then again... Yeah, it's not fun to transport your self back.