Monday, February 22, 2010

Confessions of a Drama Dork...

Me: Talk about drama dork, do you hate to have repairmen come over as much as I do?

Larisa: Yes!

Larisa: What broke?

Me: Our broiler water heater is broken so the guys who installed it came out & said we need a 5000. dollar new one so now Rick is sending (friend repairman—name withheld) over to get a 2nd opinion. 2 in 1 day yikes.

Larisa: Ewwww yucky

Me: Yes. So I started laughing when he says (friend repairman) is coming because I just got over the trauma of the other guys & he suspiciously asks what’s wrong with me & I think oh great now he might think I have the hots for him when really I’m freaking out because I don’t like repair people coming over. Drama dork.

Larisa: Haha too funny! I know because you have to worry about what they think of this mess or that and you have to talk to them & or go around doing what you do like they’re not there but they are! It sucks!

Me: Pressure, stress, drama what’s a girl to do? Why do things have to break?

Larisa: To cause us all that crap!

Me: Maybe if we weren’t in happy relationships we’d like repairmen to come. Maybe then we’d take a hammer to things & say come on over big boy & fix this for me. But I have my own big boy so I guess I’ll never know

Larisa: Haha there was this one carpet guy we called him (name withheld) the carpet man. He was yummy to watch! After he put carpet down for me (friend) had him repair hers then (other friend) had him doing all kinds of things at her house lol

Me: Awesome! Desperate housewives, the Tucson chapter. I need my carpets cleaned think he’ll come up here? (sooo kidding! I already gots myself a man)

Larisa: If I only knew what ever happened to him :(

Me: Oh well I’ve got my big weekend coming up so it’s all good

Larisa: I know how fun! Finally you guys are doing something for yourselves! Think you deserve it! 6 kids and never gone away without them! Can you say crazy! I’m selfish I guess cuz I’ve never had a problem leaving the kids for alone time.

Me: Not selfish, smart! We did go away last anniversary & for Rick’s birthday & a couple of day trips & now we’ve caught the bug. Love it!

Larisa: See all this time! Coulda shoulda woulda

Me: Coulda, shoulda, woulda indeed! & (name withheld—repair friend) came by and it was painless because of course he was very nice & helpful & it really is good to have friends in high places because in my opinion if you can fix things you’re at the top of the food chain!

Larisa: I agree! Just had (a repair friend) help me out too

Me: Gotta love that!

Larisa: Yep :)

Thus ends the first installment of "Confessions of a Drama Dork" can't say if there will be more. Guess that depends on whether or not I have more drama and whether or not I decide to text about it.

So how 'bout you, do you hate having repairmen come or do you break things to get them there?

Do tell!!!


The Cranes said...

I HATE having repairmen come. It is so awkward. I guess that must because I already have a man of my own, too. And my man can fix a lot of things so I don't have to do the awkward repairman thing very often! Best of both worlds. Our hot water heater is being weird lately so I fear we are going to be having your problem soon. So sorry!

Marcie said...

THANKFULLY, Ryan can fix anything. So I can't remember the last repairman who has come over.
Actually now that I think of it, part of that is because I refuse to be around when repairmen/carpet cleaners come over. That is in Ryan's realm of responsibility. I just make sure he schedules it when I'm at work.

Heidi J said...

I HATE repair men, I always have to have someone here with me. I won't let a man in my house without my hubby here, its just creepy!

MaryRC said...

repairmen on the top of the food chain! amen to that.. there is this model guy in vegas that is a really funny guy, single dad, his daughter comes first, he's a carpenter, he's in shape (model), has perfect teeth, he's a plumber, he landscapes, he's a lighting tech, super nice and respectful and he dates ding bats who leave him for other men...

i had a plumbing problem that i was talking about with the makeup girls when mike first started working in ca, i was saying how hard it is to take care of the man stuff. this guy overheard and was all... "ill come fix it for you tomorrow, im off work, no charge." i was all "um, no thanks, got it covered." thinking dont need a hot model man in my woe is me im so lonely broken house.... not that i woulda, but no need to get the neighbors talking...

MaryRC said...

see for yourself.. shhhh

4boyzmdmom said...

I'm a lucky husband is my repairman almost all the time!! But then when we DO need a repairman, it's extra awkward. I've been married almost 18 years and we've only gone away overnight twice...once when I was 8 months pregnant and the second time the people in the next room kept their television on LOUD all night; what a BUST!! (They were watching Independence Day...see that's how loud it was; we could tell what they were watching. And even after we complained and the management told them to quiet down, they didn't. We were so happy when the movie ended at about 4:00 am...then they started it over!!!) That was 9 years ago, so maybe we will get over the trauma soon and try again! Sorry, that was a long story...I should have put it on my blog instead of in a comment. :)

4boyzmdmom said...

PS--Repair men are at the top of the food it!! I'm going to tell my hubby that he's at the top of the food chain!