Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Priceless discoveries...

How much is a comfy nights sleep worth?

I would have thought that my answer to this question would be "any amount" or "priceless" but I have learned that I don't want to fork out anything for it. I do not want to pay to sleep. I just don't. I've been trying for days to book a hotel but I just can't make myself do it. I can't part with over $100 just to sleep. Do you know what kind of shoes...um, I mean food storage I could buy with $100? It pains me. It really does. Couldn't we just sleep in our car for a night? Or better yet, we could just stay up and party til dawn. I'd rather spend $100 partying til dawn than on some stinky hotel.

Do you know of any late night hot spots that welcome children?


I'm feeling all around bummed today. I miss my city. The kids and I watched John and Kate plus 8 this morning (I DVRed it last night because the previews made it look like they were headed for divorce and I was very concerned for their welfare, but it was just a teaser and all is well (ish). Whew!) and watching Kate take her kids all over to various museums made me feel so sad.

The kids and I talked about all of our favorite "going to the museum" memories and we just miss it. We miss those activities and as far as I can tell there is nothing like that here.

I know that if I used my creativity and cleverness I could make fun for my children. I could set up arts and crafts centers, water tables, play villages, and puppet theaters, but there is something magical about going to a museum to explore the works of others.

I love the paintings and the sculptures, the intricate bead work and the crazy art made from recycled junk. I love to witness the dreams of others come alive in 3-D.

I love that we were made to dream, imagine and create. Discovering the talents of others makes me every bit as warm and fuzzy as when I discover them within myself.

And making these discoveries with my children is all the better--worth any amount, priceless even.

Perhaps I'll go ahead and book that hotel now.

Because time and money will forever slip away,

but memories...

Now those are something I can hold on to.


TheShumWAYS said...

Where are you guys headed?
I bit the bullet and decided we were havinga little fam vacation over our spring break... luckily for us we pretended my sisters huge toy hauler was our hotel and we didn't have to pay but still got to sleep and even watch movies.

Bren's Life said...

Try priceline.com & name your own price. We have stayed in the pointes several times for like $75.00 & the kids love the pools & stuff...
I am so bad. I haven't been to the museums much with my kids. We go to parks & stuff.

Chris said...

Jon and Kate will be devorced before
Those kids get out of high school
She makes me glad I'm not married

Heidi said...

You could always crash at Casa de Duffy's if you were headed to the valley! You are always welcome!

MaryRC said...

where are you heading? a little clue will help :-)