Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun and Fancy Free...

What do you do when you fall off a bike, even when that fall is broken by a fire hydrant to the chest (remember that one Heidi?), well you get right back on of course. And so it must be with this lovely blog of mine. I have been absent from it for so long that I feel as though I no longer know how to "ride".

I'm feeling a little mushy in the brain these days when it comes to writing, and preparing my lesson too for that matter. I'm teaching on Sunday and here it is Thursday night without so much as an outline. I've read the lesson a couple of times and contemplated it often, but no plan, no outline, not good.

After feeding the kids a nutritious meal of frozen pizza and or Ramen tonight (the hubs is working late and who cooks a big meal when they're not trying to impress the sugar daddy I'd like to know) I announced that I would be in my room working on my lesson. So I lied. I lied to my children. But that's okay because I hear them listening to songs on YouTube instead of doing their homework so we're even.

And yes it is close to 9:00 and my younger kids are still awake, quietly watching a movie in hopes that Mom won't notice it's bedtime while she works on "her lesson".

It is a Ramen noodle, YouTube in place of homework, movie instead of bed, blog before lesson kind of day~ AND I LOVE IT.

Spring break starts next week and I guess I've already caught the lets be carefree and irresponsible bug. Perhaps we'll even start our holiday early and skip school tomorrow (ROWDY). Oh wait I forgot, we've already used up the allotted number of sick days being SICK so I guess we'll have to stick it out for one more (half) day.

Then it's a week of carefree days for all.

I can't wait.


Bren's Life said...

Good to see you back! Good luck on your lesson. Pizza sounds good to me I must say!

4boyzmdmom said...

Some of my best lessons were when I contemplated a lot and then put it all together at the last minute! I hope it goes well for you. I'm ready for spring break, but we don't get it for a couple more weeks. Sometimes it does feel good to just break all the rules, doesn't it?

Missy :o) said...

i've been wondering where you've been!

ditto on the cooking thing

Darce said...

Such a cute mom!