Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Might as well try...


About a week ago I saw a sweet elderly woman taking a walk out in nature. It impressed me. Especially because she hobbled up the path in a painfully slow shuffle. Again, very impressive. But I wondered if we have to resign to walking in a painfully slow shuffle as we age. Can there be anything done to prevent this? I guess only time will tell. But just in case something can be done. Just in case I can work to save the strength of my body now while I've still got a little, I'm pushing myself to work out again (yeah, I know I told you that yesterday). I'm fighting while the fighting's good. Yes I am.

Funny thing is, in my attempt to save myself from walking in a painfully slow shuffle--today, day two of my great workout comeback, I'M WALKING IN A VERY PAINFULLY SLOW SHUFFLE.

Oh well, at least it's temporary.

Here's to health and vitality.

Man I'm gonna be mad if this doesn't work.


Stef said...

Oh, that morning after soreness. Gotta love it. At least you know it is working. Unless of course it isn't working. ANd if that's the case you better get to a doctor before it gets worse.

4boyzmdmom said...

I work out in spurts. I haven't worked out in 3 weeks because I injured my shoulder, and then my back. Sometimes I think my body is rebelling against working out and invents ways to keep me from doing it!!!

Shellie said...

I need to work out again! Very badly. I went to a dance and the next day my arm ached- It couldn't be from doing the YMCA thingy?? Right?? Help!