Friday, March 19, 2010

The piggies are going to market...


My feet have been very happy this week. Wearing flip-flops is their greatest joy. And it's finally been warm enough to do so. Woo-hoo!

When I tried to wear them during our anniversary escapade to the valley of the sun last month it ended up being the valley of the cold and my husband dared to say to me, "If your feet were covered you'd be warm." Oh no sir--no, no. You cannot speak such words to me in my valley home. Flip-flops are the official footwear of the valley of the SUN, it's not my fault the weather betrayed me, my feet will not be contained when they escape the mountain. No they will not.

And now with spring time in the air they don't have to be contained ON the mountain either. Woo-hoo!

Well that is until today when the clouds decided to roll in again. What the heck? This isn't Forks clouds, this is Arizona. Ar-i-zon-a go away clouds, GO A-WAY (I met a lady last night from Oregon. She's almost 50 and has no wrinkles because of the lack of sun there. So I guess there's something to be said for clouds, but as I am a desert rat and have already been way too exposed to the elements to ever hope to avoid mass amounts of wrinkles, I say GIVE ME SUNSHINE).

But there's always tomorrow. Tomorrow the forecast looks promising for a happy shoe free (and or flip-flop) day. Woo-hoo again!

Guess it's time for a pedicure. My toes are looking kind of chippy.

P.S. I actually will never get a pedicure. Can't do it. But I'll save that for another post.

P.P.S. My right foot is still bigger than my left foot after the great piano bench fall of 2009. Crazy.

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Amanda said...

*shudder* pedicures totally freak me out - I got one last year for a wedding and it tickled and hurt so much that I almost died right there in the chair. The woman that did my toes kept laughing at me....manicures are a different story though!

I do my own pedis at home, soak my feet, scrub and trim up the nails and its great!

I also have a foot paranoia so that might have something to do with this issue!

Marcie said...

How funny. Just last night my son was trying to tease his girlfriend about wearing flip-flops even though is was a bit chilly. He didn't get very far when he looked at my feet and then both of his sisters. We were all wearing flip-flops. Hurray for Sprig!

Heidi J said...

The clouds and even a bit of snow are in our town as well today. So much for our plans to the park. I'm ready for the sun!

Stef said...

YOu know, I NEVER had a pedicure until last year. NOw I am in love. It's not about the's about the love. THey rub your feet...your is awesome. You should try it...just ONCE!
I went and bought me some new Flipper flops (as we call them)yesterday and it SNOWED this morning!! Grrrr

Unknown Mami said...

Free at last!

MaryRC said...

i so glad your weather is pick up for the best. yay sunshine!!

Lene said...

I love me some flip flops. And by the look of my feet you can tell I wear flip flops and don't get pedicures (they freak me out a little).