Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Young Love Chronicles...

Share a diary entry from when you were 13 (only I was 12, but close enough)

April 30, 1982

Today my family and I went camping with the ward for an outing. Our camp was right by a creek. Me, Larisa and Candice were wading at the creek when all of a sudden the boys came and started bombing us with seaweed. It was so gross! They got it in our hair, on our face, all over our clothes and everything!! Later the mutual kids (that includes me) after all the parents went to bed, sat around the fire and talked and listened to music. My sister Larisa and friend Candice kept telling me that S- liked me! Later we all went in groups to find one of the boys. Just take a wild guess who was in my group! That's right S- and his friend B-. Me and Larisa had a bottle of pop sitting by the place we were sleeping and the boys put a frog in it. There was a loud scream when we went to drink that pop!!! Finally we decided to go to bed. The next morning I didn't see S- much because he went hiking and then went home that afternoon. But just before my family went home S-'s friend B- came up to me and asked if I would go with S-. There wasn't even a moments hesitation, I said yes!!!

May 2, 1982

Today is Sunday. I looked all over for S- today at church but I couldn't find him anywhere. Then just before I left his friend B- came up to me and asked me if I still wanted to go with S-. And of course I said yes. Then my friend T- who also likes S- came up to me and said in a kind of mad voice, "Congratulations your going with S-." I said yeah I know and just smiled. I just got off the phone with S-. He said he was just checkin out my phone number.

May 3, 1982

S- called me again tonight. We talked for at least an hour or so.

May 4, 1982

S- called again tonight. We talked about anything and everything for about 2 hours.

May 5, 1982

Guess what S- called again tonight.

May 6, 1982

Today after school S- invited me swimming at his house. Larisa and all the neighbor kids that I know were there too. We all crammed into the jacuzzi and everyone kept pushing me and S- closer together trying to make us hold hands. Well of course I wanted to hold his hand but I don't know why but I always wait for the boy to hold my hand first. But then finally he held my hand and that was that. After we were done swimming S- drove me home on his motorcycle!! I love motorcycles especially when there's a boy in front to hold on real tight to!!!

May 7, 1982

Tonight me Larisa, S- and his friend B- were out on the canal bank talking. Then Larisa and B- left us alone. Boy was that boring!!! We just sat there like dead heads forever la te da!!! But then Larisa and B- got impatient. We were just about to leave when it happened he kissed me. It wasn't much but it was a start!!!

And so ends the record of the S+J saga. And after reading that I just have a few questions...

Why in the heck did I already have a boyfriend when I was only 12? AND...

Why in the heck was I allowed to talk for hours on end with, sit in a jacuzzi with, ride on a motorcycle with and smooch on the canal bank with said boyfriend when I was ONLY TWELVE? That's just plain crazy (of course I don't think my mom was privy to any of this information).

Oh well what can I say,

S- was cute.


Unknown Mami said...

Goodness gracious you had an active love life at 12.

KK said...

That is so cute! I wonder if I have any old journals....

Lene said...

How funny. So do you know what your daughters are doing. Ü

Miss Risa's House said...

Haha Im such a bad influence on you Im sorry!Half of that I cant even remember makes me think So should have wrote in my journal! Glad you did at least I can have some memories from you. Your so awesome! I love you!

Jennifer@sissyandsassy said...

I think the same thing when I look back on my childhood--either I was really deceptive, or my mom was really clueless. I shudder to think of my daughters doing some of what I did! Sounds like 12 was a pretty good year for you, romantically, though. :)

Emmy said...

Your mom probably thought it was cute that you were talking on the phone with a boy at 12 and didn't know the rest :)

Fun to read! Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Mama Kat said...

And how old WAS he that he had a motorcycle to ride around in!?! But wow was this funny...we talk the same as young know, real smart-like.

4boyzmdmom said...

So funny! All my journals from that age got lost when we moved here. I was sad, but it's just as well--I'm sure they would be very embarrassing to read now!