Monday, November 23, 2009

Me, rowdy? I don't think so...

(see my guy's perfectly paid for truck, but please ignore me. Yikes)

"You're kind of rowdy on your blog." My husband told me.
"What are you talking about?" I asked.
"Sting operations, hotel prom dates, shirtless werewolves... I've been reading your blog and it's pretty crazy."
"Well you know that thing with Jacob (the hunky werewolf) is all tongue and cheek. It doesn't mean anything." I explained.
"It's true dad." Paige piped in. "She even says that she didn't like Jacob or Edward by the time she finished reading the books." (thanks Paige)
"Oh I know." Rick said. "I'm not upset. I'm just saying, you're pretty rowdy."

In my defense, I usually wasn't "rowdy" on purpose (usually) I was just a silly naive girl who did stupid naive things, but I survived to tell about it so sometimes I do just that, I tell about it.

And about hunky werewolf boy Jacob... I don't really lust the lad. He's a child for heaven's sake, younger than my own son, but I do respect the heck out the kid for being able to create that awesome bod and it is purty. Even Rick and Landon let out an audible "holy crap" when they came into the room while I was watching a New Moon special on TV, "that kid's only 17?" They asked in amazement.

I have always respected disciplined, hard working, determined people, probably because those are the traits I desire most in myself. It's why I turned my nose up at the young man with the daddy bought Porsche who once vied for my affection, (note to any single guys who are reading this, of which I am sure there are none, "You'd like me if you knew what kind of car I drive." Is not a good pick up line. No it is not.) but agreed to date the boy with the Corvette because he had set a goal to buy it himself by the time he reached 21, and HE DID. Impressive. I've never been impressed by fancy cars, but the determination to work hard and buy one was something to respect.

Which is why I told my dad, with a gleam in my eye, "And his truck is paid off. And he paid it off himself." When I talked about the new boy, Rick, who had stolen my heart. I knew this was a young man who I would always be able to count on, and so he has been. Love him.

He's my Jaward. All of the best traits of Jacob and Edward rolled into one perfect guy who, rowdy girl or not, loves me so completely that I have to just pinch myself and thank those angels for singing that day he walked past my desk 20 years ago. I am a lucky girl indeed.


And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my precious Jamie who turned 8 this weekend

May all of your birthday wishes come true!


Bren's Life said...

Your too funny!!! I so admire that trait too & really wish I could learn to have it myself.. I need to think like that..
Happy Birthday to your little girl too!

MaryRC said...

definitely a trait worth admiring and vying for. you will always be okay with rick the rock! I'm with you on the purty part, thats what the movies are for us twi moms, eye candy. i think men are just flabbergasted by the openness women are showing with these characters. because its socially acceptable to oogle and drool over the image of these fantasy boys. now in real life, if i were in the same room with these boys, different story. one is too young and the other way too hairy for me. but on screen ill buy into it.

Tara McClendon said...

Very funny. Jaward? I have one of those too, but I just call him dear hubby. :]

Marcie said...

Personally, I loved your post on "New Moon". I've just been deciding who I really love the best before I responded.'s my response. I'm an Edward fan in my head and in the books. I guess it's the whole true love thing. And, well, true love is important.

But in my heart and in my own life, I'm much more of an Jacob fan. My favorite line of all the books is when Jacob tells Bella (I'm paraphrasing)that Edward is a drug to her, but that he would be the sun and air for her. Much more healthy I say. And much more like my own relationship.

Whoohoo! It just makes me giggle that I've considered it so deeply. Maybe it's just the whole chance to be young again....

Jessica B said...

I once had a co-worker who was in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. This was when Titanic had just come out. And she was married!! As a 17 yr old, I didn't think it was right/healthy for her to have an infatuation with someone other than her husband. I love it that I can read what you write about your husband and I can believe it!

On the car side of things, we paid cash for our last vehicle (97 suburban) and that is such a good feeling!!! I have friends who are now scrambling because their mortgage is too high, their car payments are too high, and their husband's job isn't stable, and it is such a relief for me to not have to worry about some of that. Sure I may do other things that aren't smart, but at least I don't have a giant car payment on a flashy car!!

Jessica B said...

Oh and in response to your "why don't I live by you" comment, my husband says "Where does she live?" and I tell him and he says "oh, we should go visit"

KK said...

Aww ;) I have theories about guys based on the cars they drive.

Unknown Mami said...

Aww, that was sweet.

Happy Birthday to your little one!