Saturday, September 6, 2008


Rick bought the movie Savannah Smiles for me because he knows it was one of my favorites while growing up. We watched it tonight as a family and although watching it as an adult was a little different (I noticed the far fetched moments this time) it still warmed my heart and I still bawled like a baby at the end. I love this movie. The little girl is the cutest! And the fate of Boots and Alvie gets me every time.
Watching this movie was just another of many nostalgic moments that I've had these past two days. Yesterday we took a quick day trip down to "the valley" to meet with our Gilbert renters who are sadly moving out, and to hire a property management company to take care of the business of getting someone else in there (know anyone looking to rent a 5 bedroom 3000 sq foot home in Gilbert?). The meeting was in downtown Mesa and it was sad to see how many businesses are closed up and gone in that area. Fiesta Village is no more (I think it's been gone for awhile, but I never go over there). Rick and I had fun reminiscing about how that used to be the happening place. Cruising around the parking lot, checking out the hot guys (girls for Rick). Good times.
After the meeting we drove past my Grandpa and Grandma's old house. It was weird to see a new house built on the lot where my grandpa's amazing garden used to be, but it was still neat to see their house and the school across the street where Landon attended preschool.
From there we drove down Southern and I checked out my old high school as we zoomed past. Memories of driving my Karmann Ghia down that road everyday flooded my mind. Southern was my road. I know it so well. I couldn't help but ask Rick to drive me past my childhood home and of course he complied. It's hard for me to see my old home. I want so badly to pull into the long driveway, run inside and find my dad waiting for me. He is so much a part of that house. I can't help but feel that if only I could get inside I'd be transported back to a time when my family was everything and my dad was the hero of my world. If I could go back I would bring him a large glass of ice water (mostly ice with just a little water) and sit on his bed where we would visit for hours. I'm telling you it's the simple things...
Later in the day we did a walk through at our Gilbert house. It was fun to see it again. Man I love the tile in that house, the dark counter tops and the warm paint colors, but seeing it again gave me a renewed appreciation for the custom feel of my new home. It has character and I like that.
Although I am getting used to small town living, "the valley" will always be home to me. I transform into my normal, familiar self there and it feels good. But I am starting to find and embrace my new normal here and you know, that feels pretty good too.


MaryRC said...

I missed the valley painfully for years, but now when I go back, it is so foreign to me.

Somedays I feel that Boulder City is my resting place and other days I just want to run away. It is the closest thing to home in my life, but life now has us on a strange path and "who knows"?

You'll find your comfort. Maybe your supposed to be focusing on something other than your physical surroundings... like your book?

Sorry to pry, I am just so anxious for you to "git er done"!


holly shaw said...

I drive by your old Gilbert House sometimes on the way to Lowes or Sonic. Yes that is the closest Sonic to my house. Another funny blip...There is a girl whose mom is in our ward and her dad lives over in your old subdivision and she knows Paige and babysits for us. I wish that the valley could feel a little slower like a small town and still have all the things to do. Sometimes it feels too busy

miss risa's house said...

I also love that movie it brings back so many memories! all of us as a family watching it great times!

Bren's Life said...

I love driving down memory lane. You know after my parents moved out of my childhood home about 8 yrs ago, I would have dreams about going back to "my" home & crying & crying wanting to get back in. I wanted to go back to my room & see it, to feel my childhood again.
There are SO Many homes for sale or rent here in Gilbert. Yikes!!! I'll keep my ears open for anyone wanting to rent.

The Cranes said...

I can't drive past all my childhood houses anymore--two cities in California; Denver, CO; El Lago, TX. So I go by them via Google Maps "street view!" I think if our childhoods were happy, we all feel a need to somehow "go back," sometimes--especially if someone very dear to us is now gone. I used to drive past your Mesa house sometimes when I was over in that area. I have a lot of happy memories of spending time with you and Larisa there.