Friday, September 12, 2008

It's all good...

This is an after photo.
I didn't get a before one.
A before of what? You ask. Well it all started yesterday afternoon when I received a call from Easton's school teacher. First he told me that there had been an accident at school. He then used words like "letting off rockets" and "Easton chasing after rockets".
So lets recap. We have:
1. accident
2. rockets
3. child chasing rockets
Not exactly the words a mother wants to hear. He then proceeded to tell me that Easton had been chasing after rockets, and with her eyes fixed squarely toward the heavens she failed to see the fence approaching at a dangerous speed toward her face "KURPLOW!!!"
When the stars cleared, my Easton's beautiful front,
PER-MA-NANT, tooth was chipped in half. Her teacher felt so bad, but at that point I was just glad that she hadn't blown off her hand or her face seeing as how she had been chasing a rocket (I found out later that the rockets were little tennis ball type things, quite harmless).

When we got home I immediately called the dentist and was told that they couldn't fix her tooth until Monday but to go ahead and bring her in for xrays. Easton asked me to take a picture before we left but I told her that we were in a hurry and that they weren't fixing it yet anyway so we'd get one later. Well after the xrays the dentist said he could fix it right then and I thought "why is it that a mother of six doesn't have a camera phone?" With six kids the odds are that I am going to need a spur of the moment camera at my disposal from time to time. Am I right? Yes I am.
Oh well the good news is that she is all fixed up and doesn't have to walk around with a cracked tooth all weekend. She also avoided a root canal which apparently is very common with these injuries because the nerve in the front tooth is very large and is almost always exposed when a break happens. This didn't happen to her though so we feel very blessed. Her teeth are oh so owie tender and a bit loose (nothing to worry about) so she has to be on a soft diet for about a week or so, but she is still healthy, strong, beautiful and not blown up by a rocket so all is well.

Do you know anyone with a chipped tooth? I guess it's pretty common.
Hey Lynn, didn't you chip your tooth in the Karmann Ghia accident? I think you did.


Carter said...

I chipped my tooth once when I bit into a fork. It was just the corner off my front tooth and I think it has smoothed out but Ben called me chippy for a while. Poor Easton! I'm glad it wasn't worse!

Cedar said...

Rhett knows all about the tooth stuff. He didn't just chip it- he knocked it completely out!! He'll get a new one in a few years. Its only been missing since he was about 18 months. Poor girl. Unexpected dentist bill---not fun.

arizonamama said...

Yeah, Lynn cracked his front tooth. He had to have the root canal and now he has a fake tooth. It's not quite the right size and a different color than the other teeth so be glad that you didn't have to do that. (Besides all the pain.) Way to keep it exciting Easton!

TheShumWAYS said...

Glad she is alright and that they could fix it! Rockets huh... oh that Easton. We are excited to see you guys at Thanksgiving!

Kim Sue said...

what a beautiful smile - so glad they were able to fix her right up.

Rundells said...

Rachel (my daughter) chipped her permanent front tooth in half when she was eight. The dentist did a quick fix then 6 years later it was knocked out again. She now has a crown. It's not too bad but you can tell it is fake. Not good for your confidence at 15. The dentist said we should probably put crowns on both her front teeth so it's not so noticable. That'll cost us about $1500.00 so we might do it for her 16th birthday. Hope her tooth stays and she doesnt' end up like Rachel.

MaryRC said...

oh teeth accidents are the worst! i hate being in the dentist chair. hope the owies go away real soon..