Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lelly's challenge for this week (month) in her words:

"I’m really excited to try something new with spt this month. Today, I’m going to issue the challenges for the entire month of May!! May means *wedding month* to me. And, no, this challenge is not going to be about weddings (unless you want it to be...) this month's challenge is simply:


Tuesday, May 6 something old

Tuesday, May 13 something new

Tuesday, May 20 something borrowed

Tuesday, May 27 something blue


take it literally, take it figuratively, but by all means, make a commitment to complete all four challenges for the month of may!"


I'm excited about these challenges they should be fun. Especially this first one, something old. I am a thrift store and yard sale junkie because I love, love, love old things. Here are just a few of my "lucky finds" as Wallace from Wallace and Grommet calls them.

I love old suitcases. The large one and black one are from yard sales and the little brown one was Rick's Grandpa's mission suitcase. They make me happy every time I look at them.
This old trunk was a yard sale find. My sister came across it in Tucson and called to see if I wanted it. Hooray! I've had it and loved it for at least ten years now. The old tea set was a thrift store steal at 50% off. It too has been with me for nearly ten years.
I love this old mirror. I got it at a yard sale with a matching dresser set. The dresser set has long since fallen apart, but the mirror is still wonderful and brings me joy.
These old books were a gift from my mother-in-law. They belonged to Rick's great-grandmother. I love their cheery red color and with a set of ten I've been able to use them throughout the house for that little splash of red that I need to be happy.

I love, love these old dolls (even though they scare my sisters. I think they've seen too many horror movies) I found them abandoned and falling apart in my grandparents basement. After a visit to a doll restorer to restring heads and limbs they can be happily displayed again. (Tip: the doll restorer said that the worst place to store dolls is in an attic or basement, it ruins them. Who knew?) I used to play with these dolls when I was a little girl. I don't know if they belonged to my Grandma or Aunts (Amy if you read this ask your mom for me) but when I look at them they make my heart smile.

This small tobacco table was my last lucky find before moving (it's lined with copper and was used to keep tobacco fresh). I found it at a yard sale. When I asked the man how much, he said $15.00 I was thrilled, but he went on trying to sell it to me telling me that if I cleaned it up or gave it a new paint job it would be a really nice table. I nodded politely then left with a big smile on my face. As I walked to my car, several people stopped me and said, "Do not paint that table. It's an antique." I said I wouldn't dream of it. After all I do love old things.
Now if only I could learn to love the fact that I'm getting old too. Maybe if I prop myself up on a shelf somewhere it will seem more appealing.


CrabbyFamily said...

I love your lucky finds, I am a lucky finder too. I learned it from you. I'm gonna have to go to this SPT place and check it out!!

The important thing is, YOU DON'T LOOK OLD!!!

Dacia said...

Love your house decor! You've done a great job decorating with antiques. I don't have that skill with antiques, but it looks great! Oh yeah, you don't look old at all!!!

lelly said...

thanks for sharing all of these *old* treasures.
i have a funky *old* mirror - just the other day i was moving things around, and put it on our covered front porch to see how i liked it. my husband came home and was really concerned that i was getting rid of it!!

Vandee said...

Saw the mirror on Saturday and I wanted to ask you about it, but we were too busy. Your home is lovely and I love the splash of red but you ought to post a pic from your laundry room for red. :)

Sarah said...

You have really great old things. I love, love that trunk. Everything you have is beautiful.

Bren's Life said...

You have so many beautiful antiques.. How beautiful! Although I'd have to agree with your sisters, those dolls are kindof scary. But the one kindof looks like Bobs Big Boy doll!

Alisa said...

I love your suitcases- I am trying to talk my 92 year old grandmother into letting me "borrow" hers!

I agree, you don't look old!

Laurie said...

First, you do not look old AT ALL!!!

I love how you've surrounded yourself with things that make you happy. This is a great post!

Courtney said...

I love all your old treasures...you must have been a pirate in another life to have been able to aquire such treasured old items...and you are not among the OLD at all! BTW I'm private so email me and I'll share courtneymilius@hotmail.com

Chris said...

Great finds. I am especially partial to the tea set. My mom has old suitcases as a display, they look great. And FYI you don't look old. :-)

Tilane said...

You have had found lots of great antiques! BTW you look so young (and after six children!!)!! What's your secret?

The Cranes said...

Jeanette, I asked my mom and she said that the cupie doll in the middle was hers and she thinks the other two were Karen's. She doesn't think they were Grandma's--she has a doll on display at her house that belonged to Grandma. I remember seeing/playing with all of them when I was little. That is cool that you had them put back together and now on display in your home! I loved all the other things you've collected. And everyone is right--you don't look old! You look like you're about 20! I can relate to the feeling, though--having to admit that you're getting old when you don't want to. I've decided that since I was born two months premature I'm moving my birthday to September starting this year--that's when it was really supposed to be!