Thursday, May 22, 2008

Up, up and away....

I was considering deleting my "Borrowed" post because there is this part of me that doesn't like to admit that I am in a funkadinka, but I decided to ignore my ego and let it stay. I want to document these moments of my life, the good and the bad, for myself and for anyone else who might benefit from them. I know for a certainty that I am not the only one who experiences a spiritual funk from time to time. That is why we are commanded to endure to the end because the temptation to give up is forever present and we have to fight for what we want. And I want spirituality, I need spirituality so I'll never go down without swinging.
I’ve been brought to a place in my life where I am being forced to explore deeper levels of myself. The things that I thought defined me are being challenged and it’s time for me to show what I’m made of. It’s sink or swim time baby and I’ve got to start paddling. As part of my game plan I am reading, “Organizing for Life, declutter your mind to declutter your world”.

It’s fabulous! I recommend it for the organizationally challenged like me.
The author also has a website and it’s full of great tips for “messies” like me. I am going to implement one of her plans to see if it helps to get me out of my funk. Here is what she suggests:
Make a strong take-off every day. A good take-off sets the tone of the day. When you:

set a time

don’t lie in bed, there’s a wonderful world waiting

the bed immediately, automatically

something nutritious

bathe body or wash face

take care of your teeth

completely from head to toe including hair, shoes,
and makeup of some kind on your face

somewhere during the day you need to turn your heart upward to God
(a great way to start the day)

Add any other steps you may need to your flight plan, like TAKE A WALK. They don’t have to end with UP.
So to my list I added:

get some exercise everyday

take time to write daily

expand your mind with a good book
I'm already pretty good about doing a lot of these like waking up and jumping up in the morning. I get a big fat F in the make up the bed department, but that's something I want to change. It's hit or miss on the eat something nutritious, but I usually am good about the wash up, brush up and dress up part of my day. Normally I'm great at the Look up part as well, but as I mentioned before I've been in a funk so this will be good for me. The firm up, write up, and read up are all things that make me feel alive so I know if I work on them everyday I'll be much happier.

I also know that no matter how big a funk we might find ourselves in, it is so easy to come back to putting spiritual things first in our lives. The other day I was feeling quite low so I grabbed the book, "Jesus the Christ" off of my end table, opened to a random page and started reading.
Soon I was sobbing as I read the words of my Savior and felt his tender love for me. His love is perfect, unconditional and always available if we will simply take the time to seek it.


Windy said...

I just found you through SPT and wanted to thank you for another great post! I'm going to borrow your daily start-up list (as soon as I get over being sick)!

Bren's Life said...

You are always so inspirational & thought provoking. I wish I was as strong as you! You go girl

The Cranes said...

I'm glad you didn't take your "borrowed" blog off, because I haven't had a chance to read your blog lately, and I would have missed it. I can totally relate to what you are feeling--the last year and a half have been so difficult for our family and even though my heart knows that I should be praying and studying the gospel even more than usual, it seems that someone is determined to keep me from it. Sometimes you are just tired! But it is because you are focusing on the waves and wind too much. Thanks for sharing--it helps to know that you aren't the only one feeling weak.