Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cupcake Wars...


I have a strange obsession. It's true. I'm obsessed with finding and or making the perfect cupcake.  Why is this so strange?  You might ask.  Well because It's not like I even care that much about cake.  I mean cake's good and all but I certainly don't dream about it at night.

And yet I do dream about creating and or finding the perfect cupcake.  Strange.  I know there must be one out there.  Why else would there be entire TV shows devoted to their creation and why else would people stand in large lines to pay forty bucks for a dozen of them.  Forty bucks.  No lie.  That's how much my darling love paid for a box of Sprinkles cupcakes because he knows of my obsession and wanted to please me.  And I was excited and squealed with delight and then said, "Eh, they're alright."  Because they were just alright.  And I know people are reading this right now and calling me dumb for saying that.  But what can I do?

So I concocted some recipes in my head the other day then visited the grocery store where I spent an obscene amount of money on supplies (I'm obsessed I tell you) and came home to create one of my three newly concocted recipes.  I began with coconut because I love coconut.  And no the above picture is not my coconut cupcakes but those of the Barefoot Contessa because I am too lazy to take a picture.  So I made my coconut cupcake and my coconut frosting and I took a bite and said, "These are good but they're not quite there yet."  To which my girls replied, "Are you crazy?  This is the most amazing cupcake ever."   So I'm thinking maybe my expectations are too high.  Maybe I'm waiting for Angels to sing and maybe Angels are too busy to sing for cupcakes.

But the next day when I decided to eat one of my coconut cupcakes for breakfast (told you I'd never make it into the super fit people club) something happened.  I actually think I  heard an angel sing and I may have even wept a little because that was the best flippin' cupcake ever.  I can't even lie or fake modesty.  Even though I probably should because that's the proper thing to do.  Seriously yummy.  Seriously.  And so I proceeded to eat four more (throughout the day mind you) and four more the next day and now there's only one left which I must hurry and eat before my kids get home.  You know, because of that whole, "put the oxygen mask on yourself first" thing.  Just trying to be a good mom here that's all.

And now comes the part of this post where I'm supposed to share the recipe with y'all.  Only I started thinking maybe I'll just keep it to myself because then you will have to invite me to your parties. 

"Hey I know lets invite Jeanette."
"No she's dumb.  She doesn't even like Sprinkles cupcakes."
"I know but she makes the most amazing Coconut Cupcakes!"
"Oh yeah that's right.  Hurry and invite her!"

Then I'll feel all important and loved because I'll get invited to so many shindigs I won't even know what to do with myself.
So call me.  I'll bring cupcakes.

If you don't like coconut don't worry.  I still have two more recipes waiting for their spotlight.  But more on that later...


4boyzmdmom said...

Will you come all the way to Maryland if I invite you? Because you are always welcome here, you know! And I don't particularly like coconut, but I do like you a lot!

4boyzmdmom said...

Oh, and PS--maybe the Sprinkles cupcakes didn't tast fabulous because you knew they cost $40. Just knowing they cost that much would ruin my enjoyment! :) If I pay that much for a dozen cupcakes, they had better be amazing!!!

The Cranes said...

I don't like coconut either but maybe one of the other two would suit me better. I'm impressed you made up your own recipe!! (And if you'd told me about your obsession sooner I could've saved you some trouble and told you that my next-door-neighbor, a professional caterer, makes the perfect cupcake in a variety of amazing flavors and she doesn't charge $40 dozen.)