Friday, August 6, 2010

You're all invited...

I read C jane. See it says so on my sidebar and here's the newer version of her button on this post (you can click either and they'll get you there. gotta love them buttons). Anyway I read C jane and this morning I read her post about a gathering she went to. A "gathering of creative friends".

1) I love this idea. A gathering of creative friends. How fun is that.

2) Miss Marlee and I want to have our own gathering of creative friends because she and I both kinda live for creativity. Kinda.

3) I know all y'all who read this will say, "but I'm not creative." And then I'll have to hurt you for saying that (not really, but you know...) because by divine nature we are all creators. Some of us just don't recognize that yet.

For example: Marlee's YW leader is known to say that she doesn't have any talents and yet-- AND YET--she makes the girls the most delicious home baked goods every week and she can garden like no body's business which, in case you didn't know, equals talent and creativity. Yes it does.

4) Miss Marlee and I want to and will (someday) have a "gathering of creative friends" party so y'all just better start paying attention to those talents of yours right now cuz we're gonna invite you and you're gonna have to share and it's gonna pretty much be awesome.

If you're still feeling nervous about it I want to share with you my favorite quote from C jane's blog post this morning (it's not plagiarism if I recognize the author and put quotes around it--right?)

Anyway she said ( and I quote. See not plagiarism)

And of course there were plenty of confessions of depression, mania and self doubt as per usual in a gathering of "Creative Friends."

Miss Marlee and I read this and said, "Amen" and "Hallelujah" because ain't that the truth creative people everywhere (which is all of us remember) AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH.

It's only natural that the adversary, who knows good and well that "men are that they might have joy", would do everything in his power to keep us from doing that which brings the most joy-- creating.

So set your depression, mania, and self doubt aside (or bring it with you if you must) and get ready to party with us (someday) at our very own special "gathering of creative friends".


P.S. This post reminded me of a silly poem I wrote some time ago that goes a little something like this:

I am making a fear catch sack,
To carry my fear upon my back.
My fear tries to stop me, to make me hide,
But I won’t.
So if it wants to stay by my side,
It must climb into my sack,
And come along for the ride.

P.P.S. Visit C jane's post then visit the link to her friend's art page (found at the end of her post). I LOVE HIS ART SO MUCH that I pretty much want to marry it. It's got me fantasizing about being rich so I can buy all of it because I love it so much I REALLY, REALLY want to marry it (did I say that already).

And in case you don't go and follow the link over there I'll give it to you HERE because I love his art so much I... well you know, and I want you to love it with me.


Marcie said...

Why oh why do we have the "depression, mania and self-doubt"? I love the idea of a gathering of creative friends, but I would be the one saying, "Oh, I don't have any talents." Even though I know it is not true. I'm afraid that part of it is being a woman-we are always either being self depreciating, or critical of ourselves. My poor youngest daughter feels like she lives in the shadow of my two older kids because they receive so many accolades for their sports accomplishments. I am continually reminding her of her ability to write poetry, to comfort babies and to be a good friend. But still, she struggles. (And it becomes my job to "creatively" teach and remind her of her worth.)

4boyzmdmom said...

I guess we're all like that because it is harder to see our own talents than it is to see the talents of others. I remember I had a good friend who once said (in all seriousness) that she didn't have any talents, and I thought "But she is just DRIPPING in talent!" We live with ourselves all the time, so we start to think that the things we do naturally are things that everybody else does...until we start comparing notes! Maybe we should have a "recognizing our talents" gathering, where everyone points out our talents to us!

MaryRC said...

i want an invite!!