Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So that's why they were so mad (I get it now)...

Mama's Losin' It

It happened on a motorcycle

Before the motorcycle there was a yacht. A beautiful yacht docked by Sea World in San Diego. A beautiful yacht that I was invited to vacation on because--before the motorcycle-- I was such a "nice, quiet, polite girl".

Before the motorcycle I went with my friends (
who had invited me to stay on their yacht) to Disneyland. We had fun. We met boys. We invited the boys to meet us later at the yacht (my friends' parents were staying on a big ultra fancy yacht while we girls stayed on our own private little baby yacht) the boys agreed.

Before the motorcycle my friends and I sat on our own private little baby yacht and waited for the boys. Then came. He as in the boy that I had met. He was the only one who showed up.

Before the motorcycle I walked with this boy up the dock and out to the parking lot.

And then... the motorcycle

I climbed onto the back of it and held on tight to this boy that I hardly knew
(lets face it, I didn't know him at all) and sped off with this boy I didn't know at all into the dark night of a town I didn't know at all.

I was 15.

After the motorcycle I walked hand in hand with this boy back to the little baby yacht only to find THE FRIENDS' PARENTS WAITING THERE FOR ME
(the friends told them I was in the bathroom. They were beginning to think I had a digestive disorder)!

After the motorcycle... yadda, yadda, disapproving unhappy yadda...

I never got invited to vacation on a yacht again.


Sheri said...

So do you regret the motorcycle ride? I don't think I would! Sounds like something I would've done myself. :-)

Marcie said...

Sounds like a great idea when you're 15! Until you have your own 15 year old daughter...

4boyzmdmom said...

Love it! I've missed hearing from you, but I know life can be crazy! Hope your hubby is feeling better.

{Not Quite} Susie said...

Haha that's awesome. I've got to ask- did you ever hear from that boy again? :)

Jessica B said...

(insert low whistle here) Do your daughters know this story??? I'm sure they do now, because I think they read your blog, right? This is some good stuff. :)

MaryRC said...

oh i too had so many moments that coulda ended up badly. mostly at rock concerts, an atmosphere of so many wrong possiblities.