Monday, August 25, 2008

Bubble bath anyone?

This is what happens when you let your kids take a bath in your jacuzzi tub, a bottle of shampoo within reach, while you sit in the adjoining bedroom and visit with your hubby. Did you know that when you add shampoo the jacuzzi jets make really awesome bubbles? A lot of really awesome bubbles. Almost flowing over the rim of the tub awesome bubbles. Looks pretty inviting. Maybe I should kick the kids out and hop in.
Anyone who really knows me will know that in reality I would never do this. Fact 100 and whatever about me is that I hate to take baths. Always have, always will. I'm a shower girl all the way. There's nothing better than a long hot shower.


holly shaw said...

That looks really fun. Only not so fun when you get to clean the bath tub and the soap is everywhere.

Cedar said...

Do baths gross you out as much as they do me??? Sure looks fun though.
I had fun yesturday. Thanks so much for lunch and for the yummy apple butter. You are a real sweetheart!! I look forward to doing it again:)
Hope Paige is feeling better.

Vandee said...

Oh that looks fun! I am different than you and Cedar, I love baths and would LOVE a big tub!

Bren's Life said...

I totally agree. I do not get how some can take a bath every night & lay there reading a book or whatever.. I love showers & always have.