Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to school...

Our first day back to school started out early. Very early. At 3:15 this morning a group of Senior girls came and kidnapped a new Freshman, our own lovely Marlee. One came dressed as a monkey, others in flowing nightgowns and such, and made quite a ruckus as they dragged Marlee out of bed and carried her downstairs and out the door. After breakfast and this lovely makeover pictured above, they brought her back home at about 5:30. It was cute and fun, but by this evening we were all soooo tired. The monkey made such a ruckus that Jamie woke up and asked, "What the heck is going on down there?" I told her that a monkey had kidnapped Marlee. She said, "Oh, I knew I heard a monkey." Then went back to bed. I guess sisters being kidnapped by monkeys is normal in her world.

Here are my High school kids. Landon's finishing up just as Marlee is beginning, but at least she has one year of big bro looking out for her.

Paige is on her own at the junior high now, but with all of the fun things she'll be involved in this year, I think she can handle it.

And here are our elementary girls. Jamie's in all day school this year and she is so excited about it. She wouldn't even let me walk her to class today. I said, "Are you sure you don't want me to walk you in?" And she told me no. So I said, "But I want to walk you in." And she said, "I'm sorry mom, but you just can't this time." Talk about role reversal. I'm so proud of her. She is really growing up. Easton had a great day too. She thrives on education and was so happy to get back to it.
Here's to the best school year ever! Woo-Hoo!

Today was also my happy birthday and what a lovely day it was too. I spoiled myself this morning by sitting on my rear and reading Breaking Dawn. Then my sis-in-law Mindy, sister Laurann, and good friend Cedar took me out to lunch. So sweet and so fun (we missed Holly and Cameo though). Rick brought home dinner so I wouldn't have to cook then we all headed across the street to our neighbor's house for a neighborhood birthday bash because it turns out that our neighbor directly to the north of us shares my birthday, our neighbor directly to the south of us shares my birthday, and our neighbor directly to the west of us just celebrated her birthday yesterday. How weird is that?! If I believed in Astrology I'd have to say that there was something in the stars that brought us all here, but I don't, so I'll leave it as a strange coincidence. Anyway we played some really fun games and by the end of the party all of us birthday kids ended up looking like this. It's a good look for me dontcha think?!


Vandee said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you enjoyed yourself. I am looking forward to settling into Breaking Dawn. Did you see the spoof on it? Anyhoo, have a great day!

Bren's Life said...

Happy late Birthday! Sounds like you had a Great day... What an exciting thing for all but 1 child to be in school. Wow!!!
Have a great day after your birthday!!!

MaryRC said...

Well Happy birthday!! Your birthday bash sounds so fun. I have yet to read breaking dawn, i have too much to do and i cant afford for my world to stop at the moment! Again, Happy Birthday!!

arizonamama said...

I wish I was there for your birthday. I would love to take you out to eat like you did me. Where did you guys go? By the way, I LOVE the look. Maybe you should save it for a special date night out?