Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Please fence me in....

We had chain link put across the east side because there are no neighbors on that side and we like the openness and the view of the temple. Someday we'll cover it up with pretty hedges.

After forever and a day (it was literally forever and one day ago that we ordered it) our fence is done. It's not all that thrilling right now because it's just encasing a big old patch of dirt, bullheads, and ugly winter trees, but maybe someday we will have a beautiful backyard oasis to enjoy. At least it keeps Jack locked up like a respectable dog should be. Of course he hates it and misses running free with his buddies. They had quite the little dog gang going on there. I'm afraid we'll have to get another dog because he really is not used to being alone (don't tell Rick I said that). Getting a new dog here is as easy as going down to the Bashas parking lot and picking one up out of a cardboard box. They're usually free too. Jack was.