Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jump for joy

We had to leave our trampoline in Gilbert so this is a treat
My shoes are bullhead magnets-- and yes I still wear flip flops when it's cold outside because I am a die hard valley girl.
Now we have something other than dirt and bullheads in the backyard. Last weekend a friend of ours gave us a trampoline. He gave it to us! How nice is that? But the reason I'm jumping for joy is that today after school the kids were jumping on the trampoline with no coats, short sleeves and sunshine! Sunshine! I'm so happy. Our super fit, super hot, hard bodied (well that's what we're striving for) "mom group" is even venturing out on morning walks again. I haven't joined them yet, but I'm hoping to tomorrow. Hooray for spring! Pretty soon we might even have beautiful trees and flowers again. I can't wait.


Heath & Cedar Skinner said...

Love your new background- so cute. The weather has been great, I am glad! I've been trying to get out and walk- I think I have survived our first winter here!!