Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Group dating...


Contrary to popular belief, when a girl gets asked to homecoming by two different boys on the same night she does not exclaim, "Woo-hoo, lucky me!" (though she is very flattered and grateful)

In reality when a girl returns to her car after her amazing choral concert (Marlee really was amazing at her concert last night and I'm pretty much a dud for not taking my camera) to find balloons and a cake waiting for her then whilst hurrying home to find out who they are from, receives a phone call from her dad saying, "There are roses and chocolate here for you..." she does not say, "Woo-hoo, lucky me!" But... "Oh no." and "Oh dear." and "This is really bad." and "What should I do?" and "I feel awful." And the like.

And then she frets and stews and sighs and calls her friends and drives to her friend's house for a pow-wow and worries and stews some more (because she would fancy going with either boy and doesn't want to tell one no). It's a tough thing I tell you. A very tough thing indeed.

Fortunately for the girl however, there is a rule of etiquette put into place that protects against such a situation as this. The rule of etiquette that states (and correct me if I'm wrong) that it is only proper for a girl to accept the offer of he who asks first

...even if it was only five minutes before.


Miss Risa's House said...

Yikes! Poor Marlee and poor boy who will not be lucky enough to get to go with her.

Jessica B Photography said...

Aw poor Marlee! I mean really, nobody wants to be asked by TWO cute boys! I hope she has fun!