Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yo, Adrian...


It's springtime, which means I now look like this.

No, not like the saxy lady... more like the oozing toad creature.
Yes that is me--an allergy stricken, oozing toad creature
and I'm pretty much sick of it.

And to make matters worse, yesterday I accidentally ate something that I'm allergic to (ever hear of the food coloring, carmine? Well it hates me)
so now I'm an oozing toad creature with puffy, goopy, swollen painful eyes.
Just call me Rocky Balboa. So nice.

I wonder if they'll notice at my parent teacher conferences today.
Perhaps a pair of sunglasses are in order.
What do you think of people who wear sunglasses indoors?
Drug addict? Hangover? Battered wife? Diva? Socially bizarre?

Hmm, maybe I'd be better off to just go with the oozing toad creature look.

But then again...


Marcie said...

I feel your pain! Not five minutes ago, I called the doctor to get an allergy shot. I've been overdosing myself with all sorts of allergy medication, but all it's doing is making me tired. I can't wait until my appointment. (and that is a sad, sad statement about my life...)

4boyzmdmom said...

It must be warmer there than here, because my allergies haven't started bothering me yet. I'm sorry you are feeling so miserable! Allergies are the one thing I hate about spring!