Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is a story of two sisters (pictured here with their cousin). Now these two sisters do not share many common interests, they're quite different in fact. One thing they do share however is a bedroom because that is how life in a big family sometimes works (and also because we like to keep things lively and interesting around here).

Now Miss Easton likes her room to look pretty. Yes pretty is a very good thing to Miss E.

So when I hung this lovely curtain (given to me by my lovely sister) up in her room, Miss Easton was very pleased indeed.

She especially loved the matching valance I made from the lining of the lovely curtain to go on her other window (when you are given only one lovely curtain but have two windows, you must get creative, but please don't do so while standing on a piano bench).

Now Miss Jamie thought the new window treatments were alright, but her decor of choice was a large poster of a dead 80's pop star. Yes this pleased her greatly. But Miss Easton? No, not so much. "Why do I have to share a room with Jamie?" She complained. "That stupid poster of Michael Jackson is making my room ugly. I hate it. I just wish I could have my own room."
Now I can't rightly say if Miss Easton did anything to sabotage Miss Jamie's love affair because I wasn't privy to their bedtime conversations, but for some reason Jamie started becoming quite frightened by the thought of MJ's eyes peering down at her while she slept. "Michael Jackson's really starting to freak me out." She confessed one evening before running up to bed.
At which time an evil grin spread across Miss Easton's face as she pinched her fingers close together, leaned in tight and with pepper in her voice whispered, "Ha. I'm this close to getting that stupid poster out of my room."
And that she was because Michael Jackson has since been rolled up and retired to the closet shelf. To the great delight of Miss Easton, it seems that Miss Jamie is simply too scared to have a boy hang out in her room.
Here's hoping that never changes.


Lene said...

That is funny. And all is fair in love and war and decorating.

4boyzmdmom said...

Cute story! Sharing rooms can be a trial, as I very well know!

The Cranes said...

Hey, Annette! What is that supposed to mean!? Sharing a room with ME a trial? You must be talking about sharing with Frank! (Oh, maybe you are talking about your boys sharing rooms. It can't have referred to sharing a room with ME for about 21 years!)
Oh, and I'm with Easton--I wouldn't want a Michael Jackson poster hanging in my room either. Luckily I don't think my roommate (husband) will ever want a poster of Michael Jackson in our room, either.

Unknown Mami said...

I'm impressed.

Shellie said...

Hee hee! Too funny. Miss Enigma would talk her back into the poster, they could add it to her little shrine to Michael that she has in her room.

MaryRC said...

i grew up in a room divided 3 ways. i convinced my sisters that bon jovi was hot and gave them posters as gifts.. sneaky rocker sister was i..

Jessica B said...

HA-HA-HA!!! She is soooo sneaky.