Friday, April 18, 2008

Be careful what you wish for...

Do you like Green eggs and ham?
Would you could you with me at the play?

Try them, try them and you may.
You all heard me whine about being creativity deprived, well be careful what you wish for (or whine about) because now I have creativity overload. Not only do I have a home to stage, but now I've been asked to help with the props for this years musical and I'm also helping to plan a big going away party for my brother's and good friend's families. Crazy times.
I was asked to make the green eggs and ham prop for last year's production of Suessical the Musical. Now that was a project. It looks simple I know, but I had to become an engineer to figure it out (I wasn't given any instructions, just the picture from the book). I mean you tell me how a crooked little stick and floppy glove are supposed to support a heavy tray of ham and eggs. I figured it out though and it work out pretty good, enough that now I've been given a project for this years production of Alice in Wonderland and told that they have complete confidence in my ability to figure out how to do it. Okay then. It's not nearly as difficult as the green eggs and ham though (luckily since the play is next weekend) so I think it will be alright. Why does life always seem to follow a feast or famine pattern? Oh well, wish me luck.


Bren's Life said...

Boy it just must stink being so good at everything that people want your help with things!!!!
Didn't know you had so many talents. Why weren't we friends when you lived a few blocks down & I could of paid to have you help me decorate..
Gee- Thanks for not being my friend when I needed you most!!!!
:) :) :)

linda said...

That's exactly how my life seems to flow...feast or famine! Go figure.

What a great prop you came up with last one asks my help with anything like that and that's definately a good thing! No creativity in my bones!

Now staging a home...that would be something I could do and have fun with at the same time! I do love to decorate! Take pictures please!