Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Easton's 8th Birthday

Like most of my kids, Easton prefers something other than cake for her birthday. This year she had a yummy brownie trifle!

Make a wish!

About 10 years ago I sat in my baby nursery happily taking apart the crib. I was happy because it was my first time putting it away since I had started having children. We'd move one baby out just in time to move the next one in. I felt like three small children were enough for awhile and wanted to take a little break before having my next child. It was at this moment that I heard a voice say, "I want to be born."
Taken back I asked, "Now?" To which she replied "Please."
I told her to go tell her father because he was even more adamant about waiting then I was. That evening as I stood at the stove making dinner, Rick came home from work and told me that as he was sitting at his desk that afternoon he had a very strong impression that we were supposed to have another child. Of course I burst into tears because I realized that this sweet little spirit had followed my instructions and gone to tell her father (that's just like Easton).
I was troubled that after this wonderful experience, I was unable to get pregnant for nearly two years. I worried that perhaps I had not acted quickly enough on this prompting (I had waited a couple of months before trying to get pregnant) I prayed often about it and wondered if perhaps this sweet little spirit had gone elsewhere. One night during prayer my Father in Heaven allowed me to see my beautiful daughter in the spirit form. Wow! She was magnificent! Glorious and radiant above any person I had ever seen. I was in awe of how perfect she was and became quite convinced that she would be born with some sort of physical or mental disorder, for truly she had to be too great for this world. Shortly after that I became pregnant, but to my sorrow the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. As I stood working in the kitchen one afternoon, the presence of a male spirit was there with me. I felt his love as he simply said, "Thank you." then departed. I felt joy that I had been able to give him this service before receiving the precious little girl that I had been waiting for. Five months later I finally became pregnant with my wonderful Easton. She is strong in mind and body and still every bit as glorious as I had witnessed her to be. She is a choice daughter of God and I can't wait to see all that she will accomplish here on earth. I thank my Heavenly Father for my little butterfly and for all that I have learned and will continue to learn as her mother.


Melinda said...

I have heard that story a few times and yet I can barely see the keys right now! Thanks for sharing that sweet story! We love you Easton! Happy Birthday! Melinda~

TheShumWAYS said...

Diddo to what Mindy said. That is such a neat experience! Wow Easton is 8, when is her baptism?

Heath & Cedar Skinner said...

Thanks for making my night! I had tears pretty much the whole story. That was so neat, thanks for sharing it!