Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuff girls...

Chivalry is not dead and I love a chivalrous man. My mother-in-law's new fiance (yes you heard me right) is a chivalrous man, opening her door, pulling out her chair and standing whenever any lady in the room stands (and all of this with a knee in need of surgery) it was enough to make me like him right away. And I like my chivalrous man too. I like when he uses his manly manness to take care of me and I like being sweet and feminine for him too. But when he told me (in a very loving way, not a condescending, girls stink kind of way) that he didn't think I could put the new swing set together by myself, you gotta know it was GO TIME for me.
And when my girls heard the challenge they said, "Oh you know we have to do it now."
So this morning after our workout (Hugh would be so proud) we headed out to kick some serious swing set booty.

We had NO idea what we were in for. Do they really have to make you put EVERYTHING together? And why can't they drill the holes straight? WHY?

We sweat like men, cussed like men (well I did, but only words that are biblical in nature) and laughed like men (do men laugh differently than women? I don't know, but we laughed, boy oh boy did we laugh). It was a fun day, a hard day, and best of all, a successful day.

We are women hear us ROAR. I only wish I would have remembered to take a picture in the daylight so I could have captured my children's happy little faces (not only does my camera stink, but I also have no idea how to use the thing. Where's the night time setting I'd like to know. Dang, I think my roar was just reduced to a wimpy mew. I really need to learn to use a camera better.)
At least I can say that I can take care of my own self if I really have to.
But boy am I glad that I DON'T have to.
I sure do love that big strong chivalrous man of mine.


4boyzmdmom said...

Go Girls! I think I could do something like that, but like you...I'm glad I don't have to most of the time! Hooray for chivalrous men!

Marcie said...

Good for you girls. I love being a girl-you can be strong and tough of sweet and soft. All in the same day.

And "yea" for your mother-in-law. I wish her all the best.

Erika said...

I am proud of you! It's nice to have men around, but also nice to know you could survive with out them if you had to.

Shellie said...

Good for you. I'll be working on putting up a pool without instructions...

Housewife Savant said...

Good JOB on the swingset!

The collective bloggy "mew" on your behalf is DEAFENING right now.